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How do we choose the LED display power supply?

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As we know, the power supply is very important for LED display screen. So, how do we choose LED display power supply? It may be a challenge for some LED display manufacturers, now Ryham photoelectric will give you some ideas.
How do we choose the LED display power supply?
First, looking at the appearance of power supply. A good power supply manufacturer is very strict with the appearance. So we can adjust its quality by looking at the appearance.
Second, the power efficiency is the most important indicator, it needs meet the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection to save money for users.

Third, the ripple voltage should be small. Ripple size has a very big impact on the working life of electrical equipment, the smaller the ripple voltage, the longer the working life.

Fourth, you need observe the temperature rise of power supply to select the LED display power supply. The temperature rise affects the stability and working life of LED display screen, the smaller the temperature, it would be better.

Fifth, because of the nature of LED display products, it may create momentary varying current when playing a video or picture, which gives more stringent requirements on its quality. Generally speaking, in order to ensure the normal broadcast of picture, you need to set aside a certain margin of power products, it may make the power products more stable.

Sixth, we need pay attention to its function according to different application fields, such as the over-voltage protection, over temperature protection, overload protection, signaling function, remote control and parallel functions, etc.

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