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The Loading Problems of Outdoor LED Display

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Today, outdoor LED display has gradually become the overlord of outdoor equipment, but it is constrained by the outdoor environment, so it will produce a variety of problems, including the loading problems.Then, how to solve the loading problems of outdoor LED display?
First, you can check to ensure that the serial cable is intact and there is no loose ends or shedding phenomenon.Then, the hardware of the control system can work normally. The loading problems may caused by many reasons, it may be caused by the product itself, it also may be caused by the improper operation in the using process. When you are seriously considering or asking LED display manufacturers, you can easily find out the root of the problem.
 The Loading Problems of Outdoor LED Display
Second, in order to ensure the quality of outdoor rental LED display, you need choose the correct product model, the correct transmission mode, the correct serial number, the correct serial transmission rate. Good software is a prerequisite for the normal loading.
Third, you should check that the serial cable for connecting is normal, rather than crossing the line. You can check the jumper cap is loose or fall off, if there is no jumper cap loosing, you should make sure that the jumper is in the right direction.
Fourth, if it still appears not loading phenomenon after checking it, you can use a multimeter to measure whether the serial port is connected to a computer or control system hardware is damaged. Then confirm whether computers should be returned to the manufacturer or return control system hardware detection.

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