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Multi-functional Petrol stations pylon

Category:Gas sign pylon Name:Multi-functional Petrol stations pylon
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  • Multi-functional Petrol stations pylon
  • Multi-functional Petrol stations pylon
  • Multi-functional Petrol stations pylon
Ryham design led price sign is a highly visible calculator style LED digits display unit which allows real-time remote control management.
Ryham operation system is easy to use and allows the petrol station attendant to change prices on a number of different signs without leaving the counter, increasing productivity and security for your service stations.

1. Available from 8 to 24 inches tall 7-segment led digits 
2. Available in red, amber, green, blue and white super bright LEDs
3. Multiple formats available: 88:88, 8:888, 888:8, 8:889, 8.889/10 etc.
4. LEDs Long life span last over 100,000 hours
5. Real time price indicator updates
6. High visibility in all weather conditions
7. Wide angle viewing
8. Retrofit into your existing pylon sign or we can supply entire pylon which including the lighting box, the channel letters and led digits. 
9. Automatically or manually adjusts brightness in light conditions
10. Convenient Wireless Remote Communication allows Station employees no longer endure weather conditions to change prices

Ryham provide a complete cycle of works and services on designing of petrol stations, on preparation of design documentation, development of modern design, company style.
Thanks to a big experience, high qualification of our specialists, modern equipment, smoothly running manufacture can perform the full complex of works of making petrol station design.
Out petrol station design are practical, multifunctional, original and are ready to satisfy the needs of the most exacting customer.Wide spectrum of used materials (starting from galvanized steel to high-tech aluminum composites) gives us a possibility to propose to customers the most suitable solutions on petrol stations on pricing and technical rates.
If you looking for a complete solution for your petrol station, send your enquiry to or call 0086 755 29066576 for further more details!

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