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    RYHAM OPTOELECTRONICS has been recognized as one of the fastest growing and professional supplier in LED industry since it’s foundation in 2008 in shenzhen, China. 

    We are supplying a completely integrated solution to the civil construction facilities, advertising, rental, live concerts and stage show design. Our products covers LED electronic information board, indoor and outdoor full color led display. Nowadays, portability and mobility are become more and more important to the market. So RYHAM develop innovative completely soft LED display and Flexible LED curtain screen. These series products are greatly welcome by customer.

    Ryham is dedicated to provide efficient, affordable and creative product and service to cater diverse expectations. We are committed to continuous improvement, training and educating our staff, listening to our customers and producing high value products for our customers. During last few years, RYHAM screens grow in Asia, North Africa, Middle East, North America, South America and vast Europe.

    It’s our management philosophy to create successful relationships with our customers with our credibility and sincerity. Excellence and innovation is always our pursuit. Ryham holds the belief that mutual business is a long term friendships only if we keep our promise to clients. Our guarantee is to achieve your objectives and exceed your expectations.

    If you expect outstanding styling design that’ll bring LED vision to your life, if you demand trained & practiced service behind you---Ryham is your first choice!

    Phones:+86-13510211126   Tel:+86-755-29567519   Fax:+86-755-29066570
    Contact Person:Mr. FU  Address:Zhongguanda Industrial Park, Gongming Street, Guangming District, Shenzhen, China.
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